How to Remove Gel Polish at Home, Easy!

Just as the type of gel differs, so does the process of removal. Some gels require 30 minutes or more while ours can be removed in as little as 10 minutes. Previously, my first resort in ridding my nails from a gel manicure would have been heading to the salon to spend more money and waste more time. Imagine my excitement after learning that you can stay home and still change up your look. If you’re an introvert like me, there is no greater news.


To begin make sure you have:
100% acetone
Strips of aluminum foil OR a bowl
Vaseline or cuticle cream
Wooden oil stick
Vitamin E oil

Now, let's get started

Tip: Shield your skin
Since you’ll be using acetone to rid away last month’s color, it’s important to protect your skin. Use cuticle cream or even vaseline to ensure that the skin around your nails do not dry out.

1. Grab them balls

Cotton balls…. Duh.  Soak your cotton balls in 100% pure acetone. While we have effectively removed our color with regular polish remover, we have found that the process is much faster with pure acetone. 

2. Wrap each finger with aluminum foil

Place the soaked cotton ball on top of your fingernail. Then, wrap and secure them with a piece of aluminum foil. Repeat on each nail. We suggest doing your dominant hand first.

3. Wait about 10-15 minutes

This is the part where you can practice the vocals to your new favorite song or Snapchat how fashionable your hands look.

  • File off the gel ( or scrape off with orange stick)
  • Remove the foil decorating your fingers and if the gel is soft, gently begin filing the gel off.  If you find that the gel is not quite ready to remove, keep the foils on for a couple more minutes.
     Tip: Soak your nails in vitamin E oil to refresh, rehydrate, and to give your nails some general TLC. Once dry, smooth newly naked nail with a buffing block.
    An alternate option to using aluminum foil and cotton balls is to simply soak your nails in the acetone. The process, after the soak, is the same.
    There you have it lovelies! I tend to alternate between the foil method and the soaking, depending on what I'm doing at the time. If this is your first time removing gel nails at home, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!