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True Nail Salon Horror Stories

True Nail Salon Horror Stories

I once heard a story about a girl who got a life threatening infection from a nail salon. I had never heard of something this severe so to say I was “shook” was an understatement. Upon further Reddit research, I’ve learned that not only is this possible, it’s more common than we think. Infections, bleeding, sh*tty service.. hey, humans are prone to error and sometimes when you put your hands in somebody else's (see what I did there?) you may get more than what you bargained for.

Here are few nail salon horror stories you may find entertaining, disgusting, or down right horrendous.


"I got the most painful mani of my life. She clipped my cuticles raw, sawed an emory board into them, and filed the corners of my nails until there was no nail left. Now my cuticles feel raw and stingy, and the skin on the corners of my nails is irritated (and they look all lopsided and awful)." - Reddit user flyinglabrador


From Familiarhunter:

"As someone who basically had an infection traveling up my arm from fake nails... once I went in to a doctor, they told me that if I hadn't gone to them that day, I could've been in the hospital the very next day from it, and could die from it. They gave me very strong antibiotics and it went away pretty quickly. Its no joke and very serious. My doctor told me that I needed it fixed that day, and that I couldn't work until it was gone because it was that serious." -



"I've never gotten my nails done before, and I wanted to get a French manicure. It cost $45 but I thought they would it be worth it. Everything was great until she sends a swirling metal thing into my cuticle area and starts literally tearing the skin off.  My fingers are bleeding and stinging. She tore skin off past the cuticle on my middle finger and tore some pieces here and there on three other fingers. When she realized I was bleeding, she used a weird cloth to put so much pressure on it I thought she was going to break my finger. This whole procedure felt like hours." - Reddit user wistfulgemini

"I went to get my nails done for the first time at a place I was referred to. When the lady started doing my nails, I asked if she was doing a manicure also since I had asked for one. She told me it was too expensive and that she would cut my cuticles at the end anyway, so not to worry about a manicure. After she used the cuticle clipper on my nails, one of them hurt.

"The next day I still felt a slight cut on my finger. I put some antibiotic ointment on it and continued to monitor it. I took a scheduled trip, but did not land until close to midnight. During the flight my finger began swelling and then it began burning. By the time I landed the finger was really swollen and I felt a lot of pressure in it. It was painful, and it was beginning to get puss around the cuticle. I went to the ER because it was the only thing open in the area at the time. They told me it was likely from getting my nails done, and they saw it commonly. The doctor lanced it, drained it, and told me that it was good I came in because it was getting worse." - Reddit user oop-phi


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