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Sh*tty Day? These Quotes Will Make It All Better

Sh*tty Day? These Quotes Will Make It All Better
When you forget just how badass you are.
Legends are created from (extraordinary.)  Remember to stand out.
I mean, you’re human for God's sake.
Fear will disperse with action. Doubt, however, will remain and build up to be nothing more than painful regret bound to loom over your head forever. That doesn’t sound depressing at all does it? Go after your dream, even if you have to do it with your eyes shut.

Sometimes- far more often than not, we forget who we are, where we came from, what we want, and just how extraordinary we are naturally. Now, add your talents and your skills and everything that makes you ( you) and you’re unstoppable. You were designed to excel- to succeed. Remember who you are and go kick some booty.


I mean, because screw everyone else, right? People, by nature, are jealous and will make it their life goal to bring you down to their level. Use (yourself) as your biggest fan and all the negativity won’t matter.


If you're having a crappy day, month, or for that matter-year, We're sorry and we feel you. Things have been exceptionally hard. Remember to take time for yourself, love yourself and pamper yourself. If you're interested in going to your (own) at home salon, for that extra boost, check out some of our amazing gel polish colors. You may be able to relate!

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