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  • Remove the shine on your gel polish by lightly filing the top of your nails.
  • Apply the Strip'd Gel Remover on the top of your nails by lightly pressing down on the top of the applicator.
  • Use the provided orange stick ( or a tool of your choice) to spread the gel remover around on the nail until you have even coverage. If you do happen to get any excess gel remover on your skin, wipe off immediately. 
  • Wait approximately 3-5 minutes for the gel remover to crack and lift the gel polish safely from your nail. Waiting longer may be necessary for thicker gel polish coats.
  • Once the polish has cracked and lifted, scrape the gel polish off of your nail with the orange stick.
  • Once all the gel is lifted and removed from your nails, wash your hands.
  • Repeat if necessary.

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