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Gorgeous Holiday Nail Ideas

Gorgeous Holiday Nail Ideas

You’ve probably just finished up the reluctant holiday shopping and dare we say, even wrapped the items?  Your Pinterest is flooded with Christmas recipes you had meant to cook last year but are for sure going to dish up this weekend. I mean come on, you’ve already bought the stuff, so there’s no backing out.

Let’s assume that you’ve already picked out the sequined skirt you’re wearing Christmas eve with your friends and the red sweater that sheds little balls of blood on everything you touch for Christmas day with your family.

Your nails, however…. Are they just as holiday ready as the rest of you?

No need to fear… Enova Cosmetics is here (if I could draw one of our gel polish with a badass cape, I would proudly place it right here.)

We’ve put together some festive nails that hopefully inspire you for this weekend’s events. Of course, all of the looks are created from our one-step gel nail polishes.

This easy, yet festive af, look was made with our Uncensored-red and High Class-hologram glitter.
Have patience and a steady hand? Give this look a shot. Shimmery Snuggle Bunny ( a personal favorite) is used as the base as Little White Lies- white makes up the snowflake and bow. A simple nail art brush (or even a tooth pick) can help you keep straight lines and easy dots. Baddie, our rose gold glitter, is used as the accent. Honestly, I'm obsessed.
While you have that nail art brush out (or tooth pick) try your steady hand at this pink and popping reindeer look. With abstract lines and a whole lot of glitter, you're sure to carry around a whole new vibe with this look. The little lips on the reindeer make me smile. For this look we used Little White Lies, High Class, Wednesday Pink, and Stone Cold.
Need a more simple approach? To get this chic look we used Get Nakey, Going Matte, and of course our rose gold glitter, Baddie.
If you're feeling super festive and deep in holiday cheer (for all to hear) give this look a shot. To achieve this look we used Uncensored, Pillow Talk, Alter Ego, Get Nakey, and Going Matte.
How about the iconic sweater nail? To get this look we used Pillow Talk, Little White Lies, and our infamous gel Matte top coat, Going Matte.
Did any of these looks spark some inspiration for this weekend? If you decide to give one a shot, please let us know!
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