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‘5 Free’ And What That Means To You

‘5 Free’ And What That Means To You

Your body does a lot for you. Sometimes that includes running marathons and birthing children and sure, sometimes it means picking up a paper towel off the floor with your toes--point being your body is worth taking care of.

 Eating healthy, yes.

 Practicing self-care, yes.

 Using toxic free beauty products, HELL YES! 

At Enova Cosmetics we take your safety and health to heart that’s why our gel polishes are 5 FREE. 

What’s 5 free you ask and why is it important? Let’s dig in. 



It’s no surprise that some beauty companies use chemicals and other toxins at the cost of their users (ew). With nail polish those toxins are specifically:

  • CAMPHOR-- A liver toxin.
  • DIBUTYL PHTHALATE--An endocrine disruptor
  • FORMALDEHYDE-- A known carcinogen 
  • FORMALDEHYDE RESIN-- A formaldehyde derivative and a known allergen.
  • TOLUENE-- Toxic to the nervous system.

When referring to our product as ‘5 Free’ we mean our polish is free from those problematic ingredients. So next time you go to choose a perfect polish to coat your nails, choose Enova Cosmetics and choose to be 5 Free. Ya, know for your health and your glam (insert hair toss here.)

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