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The 4 Best Nail Trends for Spring 2021

The 4 Best Nail Trends for Spring 2021

Sure, there may still be snow on the ground and the wind chill is enough to make you swear off shaving your legs for another three months(or ever, amirite?!) but hold tight--spring is coming! 

So while it’s dark and gloomy outside, we’ve got some bright ideas for your spring nails. 

Pastels to minimal chic, Spring 2021 nails will be all about your unique and head turning style.


1. Bright colors

Bright colors this season will be your “Lucky Charm”. We know, bright colors for Spring is about as predictable as florals (“florals for Spring? Groundbreaking) but if it works, it works and nothing shakes off the winter blues like a bright “Mimosa Mami” gel nail polish.

mimosa mami

2. Sparkles

All that glitters may not be gold but sparkles for Spring 2021 are to make you shine bright like a diamond. Colors like our sparkle gel nail polishes “Sugar Daddy” and “Salty Beach” will win over even the harshest critics and perhaps distract everyone from that nice winter complexion you’ve got going on. 

3. Minimalistic nudes

We don’t care what anyone says--nude is always welcome ;)  Your outfit and your nails will thank you when you throw a nice shade of “Get Nakey” gel polish on those cute fingers of yours and hit the town--socially distanced--and most likely sober. 

4. Mismatched

Mismatched nails were taking off in 2020 but Spring 2021 is their year...season? Whatever, they’re all the rage. Alternating polish colors or dedicating each nail to a different color will be a great way to get people talking. After all it’s not like people will be talking about your lipstick (masks, yaknow?). So shake it up and get creative with this fun look.


The right gel nail polish can really complete any Spring 2021 outfit and with all of the colors Enova cosmetics has to offer, you’re sure to kill the nail game this season.

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