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3 Life Saving Hacks for Puffy Eyes

3 Life Saving Hacks for Puffy Eyes

2020 has been, in the most simple terms, rough. If you’re anything like me, you’ve lost a couple hours each night merely wondering… “what the actual f*ck?”


Lack of sleep, ofcourse, just makes matters so much worse. Cognitively, you’re less sharp. Emotionally, you’re simply a monster, and physically, well let’s just say these days are your “ over the top” make up days. I’m talking, caking that sucker on there.

So what can you do  in regards to the physical aspect? Cognitively- you're on your own and emotionally… we’re probably not the best advice givers in that area. More specifically what about the bags and puffiness under your exhausted eyes? We’ve put together a list of 3 life saving hacks when it comes to ridding away that baggage.

  1. Cold compress. For a quick and easy solution right on the spot, take a cold compress (or a cold spoon) and hold it under your eyes for roughly ten minutes. This also works as a preventative. If your eyes are constantly puffy, you may want to do this every night before bed and in the mornings.

  1. Use an eye massager- That sounds petrifying right? The results however, are pretty exciting. Eye massagers (which can be bought in numerous places) promote blood flow to the undereye area. It is said to be twice as effective as eye creams. Many also provide the added perks of reducing dark under eye circles and tightening the skin.

  1.  Hit the pantry- Many items sitting in your pantry right now (or fridge) have antioxidants and vitamins that will not only help with the puffiness but will also play a part in tightening the skin and lightening dark circles.

   a.) Cold Milk- Milk is a great source of vitamin A, which contains retinoids that are great for keeping skin looking bright and young. To use cold milk under your eyes, soak a cotton ball with the milk and apply to the skin underneath your eye. Keep it on there for roughly 10 minutes. It is suggested, for best results, to do this twice a day.

b.) Potatoes- Surprisingly, potatoes have quite a bit of Vitamin C in them. To harness the full power of Potatoes for your under eye baggage, grate some potatoes, extract the juice and soak some cotton makeup remover pads  in it. Place the pads on your eyes for about 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

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