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What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

What Does Your Nail Polish Color Say About You?

So maybe you switch colors out throughout the month or maybe you don't. Either way, there is typically a color you lean towards the most. Why? Why do you crave the black polish over the red? Does keeping your nails lathered in blue paint differentiate you from your best friend who prefers the pink tones? Maybe your preference means absolutely nothing, but perhaps it means everything.  Below, is what we believe your polish color says about you and your personality.


Are we right?



“Come hither”

If you’re wearing a bright red lacquer on your nails, not only are you feeling yourself, but you absolutely want the rest of the world to as well. Prominent, dangerous, and a whole lot of sexy, you’re making a statement that you want to be seen. 


“I dare you.”

Black has been known to be the color of power but to us it means so much more. It’s apathetic strength mixed with a tinge of rebellion and a whole lot of badass b*tch. You’re the rebel, rebelling against the norm, standing up against the societal constraints, and demanding the world take note of your boss status.


“ Let’s play”

You’re the type of person who sees the good despite the wave of sh*t that always seems to be coming your way. Your mantra is “ this too shall pass” and you aren’t afraid to text this to your friends over and over again when they whine about their issues. You believe in being kind, so when the time comes, you’ll throw out a little white lie or two to protect their feelings. No harm in that, right?


“Let’s talk it out”

You’re compassionate, energetic, and sympathetic. You’re an amazing communicator, a great friend, and genuinely a really f*cking good person. You seek meaning and crave authenticity. You don’t understand those who overcomplicate everything and you try your best to stay away from those who have been known to kill your vibe. Keep on, keeping on, Blue..


“ I am the sunshine, b*tches!”

Cloudy day? Who cares? Who needs the sun when you’re literally a ball of energetic sunshine. Ain’t nobody raining on your parade. No one peeing in your cheerios, and if they shut off the music? That’s ok… you’re dancing to your own beat. Those who rock yellow on their fingertips usually always rock a big smile with some big energy behind it.


“ Just don’t f*ck with my latte”

Those who have a nude pigment on their nails are warm enough to care about the big things but cool enough to not obsess over the small things. They’re the unique blend between sophisticated and basic. 


“You can sit by me”

You’re the nice girl in class. Whether you like it or not, people always feel welcomed by you. They’re naturally attracted to your magnetic personality. You are the nurturer in the group, the lover, and ultimately the one to ensure your friend Becky doesn’t go home with the first guy she dances with. You’re not appreciated as much as you should be, which thoroughly sucks because, you pink… you’re the real M.V.P.


“Politely, bow down.”
There’s a whole wide world to conquer and you’re going to dominate it. To put it blunt, you’re queen Af. Your ambition is about as high as your confidence. I could tell you to calm your tits, but I imagine you’d politely tell me to f*ck off. And that’s ok, that’s what I love about you purples. You’re imaginative, confident, and you know exactly how big your goals are, what’s needed to achieve them, and how to reject anyone who gets in your way. Big things are coming to you, purple.

So, which one are you? Are you a little white lie or simply a nude? Not sure? Find your color vibe here!

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