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10 Tips to Looking Good This Summer While Staying Safe

10 Tips to Looking Good This Summer While Staying Safe

Summer is here, can I get an amen? Finally, the time for the new geometric bikinis ( apparently that’s “in”) and frozen margaritas alongside the pool. I don’t know about you, but I’m very much awaiting the death of my winter/ fall/spring depression. This mama needs some sun.

Now, sun, let’s talk about that for a brief second or two, shall we? It is the mascot of summer, the premise in which we celebrate, but it’s also a killer.This isn’t news to you. I’m sure you too have seen the sun screen commercials now steadily taking over the tube ( may also be known as television.) Report after report, article after article, we know the dangers of the sun and being unprotected around it. This isn’t a blog regarding UV rays being bad and the horrible effects of them, but rather, a means to stay smokin hot (girrrl, you look good kinda way), in despite of it.

So how do you stay safe in the sun all while ensuring that your skin looks it’s absolute best? Follow the wisdom below, and you’re bound to keep your sexy on:


Keep that sunscreen on ( duh), but seriously. Lather up folks, because there’s a little thing called “compound effect.” Your skin may not see the damage of those rays penetrating your beautiful face right this second, but multiply that “little bit” of damage, consistently and you'll end up spending money, attempting to correct the damage that you didn’t, at the time, find to be worth preventing. 



2.BB Cream


BB Cream is remarkable, and I mean that in a very remarkable way. Rather than suffocating your face with heavy foundation or concealer while amongst your friends at the beach, try a lighter, more natural, approach with this baby. It not only includes spf, but perfects whatever unhappiness you have going on with your skin, while maintaining its subtle appearance. Try it, you’ll thank me.

3.Get an airbrush tan

Please don’t be one of those self conscious women who are too afraid to strip down into   their swimsuit due to the fear of blinding the audience. Now, don’t get me wrong, pale skin is beautiful, however, if it’s causing you to become self conscious, it becomes a negative thing. Love yourself and love your skin. Be comfortable in your suit and if that means bronzing your body ( in a safe way) than do it.

4. Forget the fad, get a suit that matches your style and body type

All too often we all want to take advantage of the herd mentality and purchase what everyone else is purchasing-wear what everyone else is wearing and do precisely what the group is doing. Just forget that nonsense. The number one thing when it comes to looking good, is feeling good. This summer find a suit that speaks to you. Find a suit that compliments you. And most importantly, find a suit that you feel comfortable in.

5.Condition your ends

Sun can become a “no,no” when it comes to your locks. It dries them out. This summer, make sure you’re ahead of the game by creating a regime of sleeping in either hairmasks, cholesterol, or conditioner once a week. You really want to focus on the ends, as they are without a doubt, the most dry and require the most tlc. Show ‘em some love, and show the world that summer time doesn’t mean crunchy time for your hair.


6.Wash your face.

Simple right? Not so much. There is bound to be much heat this summer ( depending on where you live) which means there is bound to be much sweat. I could be proper and say “glistening” but let’s face it ladies, we sweat and when we’re lying around in the sun or enduring the seemingly “oven” temperatures, we become gross and most importantly, our pores become clogged with undesirable bacteria. Prevent acne this summer by ensuring you wash your face every night, or better yet, right after leaving the sun’s ambience. Microdermabrasions wouldn’t hurt either.



On the face. On the shoulders. On the chest. Bronzer, bronzer everywhere. Why? Because it’s amazing. No further questions.


Another duh? Geez, people. Allow me to explain before jumping the gun on this too, being an obvious summer necessity. Sunglasses are cool, yes. They help you see better when the sun’s being a pain in the tush and attempting to prevent that. They come in a variety of colors and match the new purse you have just spent the last of your paycheck on. However, they too work for you regarding that little “compound effect” I had mentioned previously. Every time you’re squinting because you can’t see the person in front of you, a wrinkle-wanna be line squeals with delight. You may not get the wrinkles from your squint this summer, or the next, or the next, but keep up that mean glare sister, and a few summers from now you’ll regret it. Just grab a cute pair of glasses ( UV protected, preferably) and you’re golden.


It’s absolutely true that the best thing anybody can wear is a smile. Enjoy this summer. Be you, be amazing, and most importantly be happy. Wear it, own it, and embrace it. Have a great time, and that wonderfulness will penetrate every pore in your body and show every bit of itself to the rest of the world.



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