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5 Essential Keys to Your Best Beauty Sleep

5 Essential Keys to Your Best Beauty Sleep

Let’s face it, without sleep we’re simply walking zombies. If you’re anything like me, you’re dead to the world, you look like hell, and you could quite literally rip somebody’s face off. And while we’ve all heard from various professionals in the field regarding the importance of deep snoozing at night, it seems as though it’s nearly impossible to do  in the never-ending world we’re entrapped in. Your skin especially suffers tremendously from your tossing and turning. Without adequate sleep, you’re more prone to wake up with droopy or swollen eyes, under eye circles, and believe it or not, droopier corners around your mouth.

But let’s not be mistaken here. Beauty sleep is more than just skin deep. There are so many more aspects in regards to being beautiful, and as “mama-ish” as it sounds, it really begins with you at your core. You simply cannot be a wonderful person- not truly beautiful, if you’re miserable from lack of sleep. That’s my theory anyway.

So, how do you not only experience real beauty sleep but rejuvenate your entire being through it? Most importantly, how do you do it in 2020? Say no more my sleep deprived beauties, here are 5 imperative keys to getting the best beauty sleep of your life- even in the chaos of today.

First and foremost, make sure you’re washing your face before bedtime. While it’s so tempting to binge watch your favorite shows and just drift away, know that studies have revealed there are detrimental effects to sleeping with your makeup and the dirt and oils from the day. Not only could it create more fine lines and wrinkles, but it could clog up your pores, giving you a nice game of “ connect the dots” to play in the morning



 Get on a schedule. It’s true. Your body has an internal clock that cues you to feel energized in the morning and tired at night. Waking up and sleeping at the same time every night can help your body understand when it’s time for some shut eye. Keeping a schedule will help your body release the chemicals necessary for rejuvenating sleep.

Elevate your head. Did you know that elevating your head can help prevent snoring, and acid reflux? With your head slightly tilted up, you’re also improving your blood flow which in turn prevents under-eye circles and under eye sagging. 

Meditate right before going to bed. I could go on and on regarding the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, but I’ll spare you my lectures. To keep it brief, meditation has been shown to enhance melatonin levels and assist the brain in achieving a specific state where sleep is easily achieved.



  • Switch out your pillow case. Your face is positioned a certain way while you sleep, therefore, it’s positioned this way for a third of your life.  Most wrinkles are created from our facial expressions but some of them are created by the way we sleep. When you slump your face into a rough pillow case, just imagine how your face folds into itself for hours each night. The fact that wrinkles are the outcome makes perfect sense. If you aren’t able to sleep on your back, which is most recommended, consider switching out your rough cotton pillow case to satin or silk. Or, to reduce crows feet, seek out a copper-oxide pillowcase.

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