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10 Things You Really Shouldn’t Give a Fudge About

10 Things You Really Shouldn’t Give a Fudge About

We’ve all heard that life is too short to worry about the nonsense or the little things in life. In reality (well in hindsight anyways) everything is a little thing, isn’t it?

I mean, unless it’s not. 

Differentiating between what’s sufficient enough for concern vs what’s just a waste of time to stress about is something that I feel most of us…. eh…. stress about? (Is that something we need to add to the list?- stressing about stress?) :: nodding head::

It can be hard- all of it. LIfe in general is a real pain in the ass, but is it possible that we make it even harder with the thoughts, the relentless thoughts, swirling around in our noggins?

 :: nodding head again:: 

We know it is, therefore we’ve compiled a helpful list of things that are just a waste of your time to worry about. 

  • Whether or not your house is clean 

  • Don’t get it twisted- cleanliness is close to godliness… or something like that. We believe it, but allowing the idea that your house needs to be in pristine condition at all times is an expectation that, in this fast paced world, seems impossible to meet. Give yourself grace and remember that a mess is a sign of living.


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  • What people think about you

  • Remember to be more concerned with your character and less concerned with your reputation. Your character is who you are and your reputation is what others create about you.

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  • Tomorrow

  • This is a big one for me. I’m constantly living in the future. Thoughts about what ifs live there, circulating into one big pile of chaoticness (is that a word, I don’t know). By thinking of tomorrow and the issues that “may” arise, I’m forfeiting my presence today. I’m not experiencing the moment- just the issues that will probably never make their appearance in the future. Just typing this out makes me sick to my stomach, because I’m realizing how much time i’ve wasted and how much little life I’ve actually lived.


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  • What you look like in photos

  • Who gives a shit? No really- I think we’re forgetting the essence of what photos really are and that’s memories frozen. Detach yourself from the perception you have of your body or your face or your outfit and see the moment. That moment is beautiful….. Unless it’s a moment you really wish was never captured, in which message me because that could be a whole different blog.


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  • Your kid’s clothes

  • I remember dropping my 3 year old off at daycare in her pjs and roughed up hair. Why? Because my child wanted nothing more than to wear her new Frozen pajamas to school. The hair was because I was running late and god only knows that bringing a brush to a temper tantrum party was not going to be a good thing.

    Really, at the end of the very long day does it really matter if your child matched? Who does it matter to? We forget that these little spawn of ours are real, actual, miniature human beings who are developing their preferences in life. Who are we to yield their opportunity in establishing their identity?  

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  • Other people’s decisions

  • As natural control freaks, we tend to want to imagine that we have the control to change the way others respond or act. We don’t, sis. And if we don’t have control in that realm, we also cannot carry the responsibility. Worrying about what others are doing and how they’re treating you is useless simply because you cannot change them and most importantly, you are not responsible for them. You are responsible for yourself and how you handle the way they’re treating you. That is what deserves your focus.

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  • Being a perfect mother

  • You’re going to f*ck up. My guess is that you already have and that you probably do pretty consistently. We may be mothers but first and foremost, we’re human. Give yourself grace. Perfection doesn’t exist and it damn well doesn’t exist in parenthood. That whole segment of life is “experimental.”

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  • How other people load the dishwasher

  • Don’t get it twisted- this definitely deserves judgment, but not stress. Everyone obviously knows you do it right and that they’ll never ever meet your standards regarding this chore. So let the worry of whether or not they will, simply melt away.

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  • The past

  • If you’ve never woken up in a complete panic in the middle of the night over an awkward social encounter that happened almost two years ago, then consider yourself lucky. The past, regardless of how significant it is, has expired. You’ve lived it and you’ve experienced it. Holding onto the fragments that do nothing but terrorize you only poisons your ability to be present in the ….. Well, in the present.  Let go and let flow. Give yourself the opportunity to live for today.

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  • Your job

  • It’s important to care about your job but caring and stressing are two very different things. Acknowledge that stress is poison. The situation is going to happen however it happens and causing yourself internal distress over it does nothing but hurts yourself in the process. This causes you to make less than ideal decisions. Not to mention, the stench of being all wound up follows you home and impacts your family.


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    It’s not easy to “not give a fudge” about things, most things. We tend to view ourselves as much smaller than what we actually are. If we truly acknowledged how much bigger we are, we’d know just how insignificant these worrisome thoughts are. Getting out of your head enough to live is the greatest challenge among most of us, but if we’re able to see that most of all we experience negatively is created from our own amplified and spiraling thoughts, we’d be way better off.

    Stop giving a fudge.

    P.S to help in reminding you NOT to give a fudge, check out our new fall shade- No Fudge Given.


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