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How To Hack Your Mindset For Professional Success

How To Hack Your Mindset For Professional Success

How To Hack Your Mindset For Professional Success

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There’s a big misconception that women don't have enough professional ambition. However, a Women at Work survey revealed that 54% of women actually have very high ambitions when it comes to their professional growth. Most professional women dream of being part of a company’s C-suite and becoming the ultimate girlboss one day. But despite having tons of ambition, many fail to fight for their own professional success because of one thing: mindset.

The fact is that mindset plays a crucial role in shifting your attitude and your approach towards success. So if you want to set yourself up for victory, here’s how you can hack your mindset for the better:

Strengthen your self-confidence through affirmations

Struggling to believe that you're capable of making your ambitions come to life?

You can learn how to embrace your capabilities and build your confidence by doing daily affirmations. While it may seem unbelievable to reprogram your entire mindset through statements, our previous article by Nicole Snow on affirmations states they're effective because they teach your mind to eventually believe in the stated concept. Daily affirmations can teach you to build a mindset that rejects doubts and encourages your full potential.

Yes, it is that easy! So if you want to build your confidence as a professional, try saying things like, “I can run my own business” or, “I am capable of leading my own team” every day.

Take the initiative with projects to get comfortable with risks

Success often comes after taking giant leaps of faith.

Instead of letting fear hold you back in these instances, try to take the lead. Maryville University states that true entrepreneurs exhibit initiative during challenges in order to eventually get comfortable with the risks that pop up on the road to success. Confidence is key here, which is why you’ll need to learn to step up for work projects and career opportunities in order to really change your mindset regarding risk-taking.

So instead of playing it safe, try volunteering for leadership roles in projects, or starting a new venture to learn how you can handle risks.

Remind yourself of your vision for the future

Each day can get so busy that you end up forgetting about your ultimate goal.

Remembering your ultimate passion is crucial, though. CEO Patrice Rice explains that your passion can increase your willingness to learn and ultimately set you on the path to success. The daily grind can get tough, but she says that your passion is key to riding through the difficulties.

To keep your eyes on the prize, you can create a vision board of your dreams and put it on your office desk. You can also write your goals in a planner so that you can work on detailed steps and keep track of everything.

Make it a habit to celebrate big and small victories

Even if you haven’t reached your ultimate goal, make sure that you can celebrate every small win you achieve.

It may seem premature for some, but Dr. Benjamin Cheyette from University of California San Francisco and Dr. Sarah Cheyette explain that these celebrations build your self-esteem and hopefulness for big achievements. Through recognizing a job well done, you can hack your mindset to believe that you are capable of accomplishing more.

So if you’ve hit a certain sales mark or finished a week-long project, treat yourself! A good meal or mani-pedi might hit the spot.

Teach your brain how to turn your ambitions into a reality! By hacking your mindset, you can harness your capabilities and move one step closer to your ultimate goals.

Article written by Rose Joslin

 Exclusively for ENOVA


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