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3 Of History's Most Badass Boss-Babes

3 Of History's Most Badass Boss-Babes

Helloooooo March! Sweet beginnings of Spring have arrived--daffodils are blooming, the temperatures are rising and it is almost time to drag those open toe pumps out of the closet (almost). Turns out ladies get the whole month of March dedicated to the awesomeness and achievements of the so-called fairer sex. 

While we at Enova Cosmetics believe 2021 is the year of the woman, we’ll bite and break down a list of just a few of our favorite barrier-crushing, ceiling-breaking, boss-a** ladies for Women’s month.  

1.) The first woman on our list is Sarah Breedlove / Madam C. J. Walker.



Sarah was the first child in her family to be born free after the Emancipation Proclamation and would later become considered the first female self-made millionaire in the United States. 

Having seen and experienced scalp issues and hair loss, Sarah developed a line of hair care products specifically for African American women. Sarah established Madame C.J. Walker Laboratories to manufacture cosmetics and train sales beauticians. She would go on to educate, employ and empower thousands of African American women. 

 "If I have accomplished anything in life it is because I have been willing to work hard." She is famously quoted for saying, ya know like the true boss babe she was.

2. )The Queen of country (and everything really) Dolly Parton. Where do we even start with this lady boss? 


Dolly has sung and soared her way to the top while preaching kindness and devoting much of her time and money to charitable efforts. Along with being an acclaimed singer (100 million records sold worldwide) and songwriter (she’s won 10 Grammy awards) Dolly has proved to be one of the most giving philanthropists of her time.

 One thing is for sure about this bad a** feminist--she has always stayed true to herself, her work and her glaaaam, y’all. 

3.) Legendary and fierce, third on our list is Maria Tallchief. Often discriminated against because of her Native American lineage, Maria pursued her dreams of becoming a ballerina and ultimately rose to dancing royalty.




After American success, Maria became the first American to perform at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. After a long career, Maria retired and opened a ballet school and dance company with her sister and continued fighting the prejudices and injustices plaguing Native Americans. 

Like a true feminist powerhouse, Maria Tallchief never settled for less than she deserved and crushed all of the barriers in her way. 

Our list of boss-babe heros could go on for days but we’ll keep it brief for now. 

March--Women’s month, is a great opportunity to reflect on the fight our ambitious mothers, grandmother and great grandmothers started and continue to kick a** until we finish breaking those ceilings. 

Happy women’s month, ladies, and as always--don’t let the bastards grind you down :)


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