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Stone Cold Breakup Stories

Enova Cosmetics Stone Cold BreakUp Stories

When we think of Stone Cold, we often think of heartlessness, lacking empathy, or someone being downright diiirrrty. And when we think of all of those things, we obviously think of our exes. So, out of pure curiosity we wanted to know some of your most "stone cold" break up stories.

And seriously, you guys did not disappoint.

"When I left my oldest daughters dad he came home from work to the surprise of an empty house (all the furniture and stuff was mine and I didn’t leave anything —-did that the first time I left and that was a mistake)."


"Every time Jenni broke up with a guy we would take all the mattresses, snacks, and lightbulbs out of their house while they were at work."

"I once poured beer down floor vents (his house was OLD lol) and cranked the heat when it was 100 out.It smelled so bad he thought something had died under the house."


"I took all the dinnerware, silverware, toilet paper, blankets, shoes, etc. ... then I pawned my rings that were his mothers. They were all awful."

"I knew of a lady that had married an illegal immigrant only to find out he had another wife and family in his home country. She was the registered owner on his truck that he paid for, she sold it for $100 then had him deported."


"So, I was dating this guy. I was letting him use my living room furniture since he didn’t have any after his roommate moved out.
Well, I found out he was cheating (he had a very predictable FB password). I knew he was out drinking with friends and would be hammered drunk. So the next am, bright and early, I showed up and took all my furniture while he was upstairs passed out. He woke up to an empty living room and single."

"I read a divorce decree once that listed out items that were to go to each person. Down to individual dish towels."

"She asked me to dinner. I got excited because she never did that. I bought her a rose on the way to the restaurant. She told me after dinner that she had moved out."


"My ex told me i didn’t love him and i never did on his way out the door one morning and i called my dad and we moved my stuff out of the house and even my bed at his parents next door that day.
another ex i packed all of his things for him and moved his mattress & tv that was his into the entry way so that when he got home he could move it out and find somewhere else to go with it.
i have also moved in with an ex to a brand new house we picked out and 6 days later was broken up with and told i couldn’t even sleep in the spare room that had my bed in it and had to leave that night with my 2 cats (with literally nowhere to go) and then also couldn’t even pack all of my things i had moved in and unpacked and that him and his mom would do it for me and i could pick it all up Saturday.
i also had another ex’s Facebook on my phone and he quit answering me and was being shady so i changed my relationship status and then went to his and changed his too and his picture back and changed his password for him so he couldn’t get back in it."


Let's face it, love is a battle field. Sometimes, daggers need to be thrown and swords need to be drawn. While we definitely do not condone heartlessness, we do certainly enjoy learning new ways to.... I mean... hearing your stone cold stories.

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If you're feeling a little stone cold after reading all of the viciousness ( yet absolutely deserved.. I'm sure) up above, snag our newest, top selling, grey polish- Stone Cold today!



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