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5 Women You Need in Your Life

5 Women You Need in Your Life

CRYSTAL HANERLet's face it, when your crown tilts, It's always helpful to have a girlfriend beside you correcting that tilt, straightening your back when it slouches, and making sure you don't have that fabulous mauve  lipstick smudging your pearly whites. We've all been there; suffocating between that rock and hard place or drowning in the disgusting river of self doubt.


While it is possible to pick yourself up, dust off your now torn and tormented black leggings, and move on with your life with a predictable fake ass smile, it's much easier and much more successful when you have a tribe of women holding your hand and helping you out of whatever funk you've managed to find yourself in.


Here are the women you need behind you, beside you, and in front of you leading the way:


The Cheerleader-

These are the women who genuinely want to see you succeed. Maybe they've been in your life for years, or maybe you've never met and they cheer you from afar. Either way, when the time is needed they're the ones pushing you forward with their kind words, congratulating your success ( no matter how big) and cheering you on. 


The Mother-

These are the ones we take for granted. They're the women making sure you're still alive when you've been MIA for the past week and a half, ensuring you're eating enough, and comforting you when you need it. They're the ones we think we can live without; the ones we eye roll because we "already know what to do," and the ones we shrug off as being overbearing. But in reality, and without hesitation, these women are the women who keep us alive. The ones who would do anything for us, and the ones who whether we like it or not, will always be there for us. 


The sister- 

When you're heartbroken, lost, or your job is causing you misery, these are the women who cry with you, laugh with you, and are willing to ultimately cut someone for you. They're never questioning why you're in the jail cell, only whether or not you need help covering the evidence. They know your vices, your flaws, and all of your dirty secrets. And while you may not always get along, they'll always have your back.


The Queens-

These are the ones you visualize yourself becoming; the ones you want to become. They're goal oriented and their shit, as much of it as you can tell, seems to be in order. They're the ones you follow, cheer on, and most importantly watch. They're the women making history, creating worlds, and are willing to share the process with you. They're the mentors you've always dreamed of having, and the teachers you appreciate learning from.


The Ghandis-

These women understand, empathize, and encourage. They're the ones who will pull out a positive quote when they see you're soaking in self pity. And when you're needing advice, they're always there ready to channel their old souls. They have been through some sh*t and instead of drowning in it or burning in the hell they've endured, they've grown from it, learned from it, and have the best advice in conquering it.



There you have it ladies, if you're wanting to live your best life, learn to appreciate the women you have in it. Because without the support, the friendship, and the ones willing to tell you, you have spinach in your teeth, you really don't have sh*t. Take time to reach out to your circle, to send the text, to have the dinner, and to say thank you.





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