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5 Quick Hairdos for Women Who Don't Have All Day

5 Quick Hairdos for Women Who Don't Have All Day

As great as “looking all fabulous” sounds, it’s exhausting. I’m actually getting anxiety just typing this- thinking of standing in front of the mirror for an hour and a half f*cking with my long lion’s mane  and covering up my crows feet that, ironically, seems to get worse overnight. 

For those of us who have so little time, every…single….second… counts. 

And while I know  there are quicker ways to get ready than crying for 15 minutes over your “drunk” winged eyeliner and re-doing your hair 17 times because each time royally sucks, I think we can all agree that faster, more efficient looks and hairdos make life a tad bit more enjoyable. It’ll definitely give you more time to waste somewhere other than in front of your bathroom mirror.

So, because we here at Enova are efficiency queens ( insert the eyeroll and sarcastic tone.) We’ve decided to put together a list of quick and efficient hairstyles that you can do in a jippy, all while maintaining your fabulousness, of course.

Extra perk? The majority of these hairdos look great whether you’re in sweatpants or choose to wear real clothes…. like a real human being out in crowds or environments with real.. other actual people.

Let it be known that I am at work typing this in sweatpants. 

Let it also be known that I was also at work in sweatpants…yesterday.

Shall we begin?


1. The Low Messy Bun

According to, this (way better than my messy bun) hairstyle takes roughly 5 minutes.

Learn how to do it here:

2. Short N Chic


I’m not even going to pretend that braiding three braids is time saving. If your braids work like my braids.. It’s physically painful. That’s why, when I saw this style I jumped for joy ( not actually because Crystal already think I’m weird enough) but I was super excited to see that these little twisty things are just that- twisties and not the same braids I am having to do every night on my three year old’s big Elsa doll.

3. Trendy Half Up Braid Style

Ok, so for those who are good at braids, this one may be a little bit quicker for you than it was for me. This look is super adorable and I'm guessing pretty quick. 

Learn how to do this style here

4. Maybe we just throw in a trendy hair bandanna?


Here are some quick, super cute, bandanna hairstyles. Check them out here

5. A Fancy Ponytail that takes no time


Honestly, this one excites me the most. I’ll do anything to feel fancier than I really am, so if you see me sporting this look 7 out of 7 of the days, mind yo own business.


Learn how to do it so we can be twinkies here 

There you have it my dear sweet friends. May your time extend and your hair styles  become more fabulous and more efficient.  For total efficiency and the ultimate time saving nail hack, make sure you check out our one step gel nail polish kits

With these quick hairdo suggestions and our gel kits, you can do your hair AND your nails in less than 20 minutes.

….. Unless braids are involved, then God only knows.


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