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RU Searious? 10 Beauty Facts & Hacks You Should Know!

RU Searious? 10 Beauty Facts & Hacks You Should Know!

Ready to get searious this summer about your beauty? Summer means less make up, more sunshine, and an even more searious need to not only take care of your skin but your beauty routine.

To get you ready, here are some searious beauty facts and hacks to try out this summer!

1. An Actress from the 20's was responsible for the 'cupid's bow.' 

 When it comes down to it, it makes sense that all looks originate from somewhere. To our surprise the lip trend that took the world by storm (apparently earlier than we thought) was attributed to Clara Bow and the way she wore her lipstick.

Tip; a good lip liner is the secret.

2. Red lipstick really does make you look younger.

It's true. Apparently, the contrast between your features and the red color create an appearance of a younger face. Why? Because this is a trait of a younger face.

3. The sea is good for your skin. Who knew? Products that contain ingredients from the sea are especially good for your skin.

We're super searious here. Your body plasma (never thought I'd be saying that phrase) is similar to the makeup of the sea (regarding the minerals). Anything filled with natural ingredients from the sea will have what your skin needs.

Using these ingredients on your skin restores your body's natural goodness.


4. Vitamin A treats cellulite and skin damage.

5. Vitamin C protects from the sun and is an antioxidant.

6. Vitamin D reduces spots.

7.  Red hair is the thickest hair color by strand.

While red heads may have the thickest hair  by strand, they have less individual hairs than any other colors, at 90,000, Blondes have 110,00 and brunettes have 140,00.

8. Tweeze your eyebrow hairs in the direction of the hair growth.


9.  When moisturizing your face make sure to start with the thinnest to heaviest formulations.

If you haven't yet experienced it, you begin collecting face serums and promising anti-wrinkle night moisturizers. It can get a little overwhelming trying to figure out which goes where and when. As a rule of thumb (which I'm super excited to know this now) you want to begin with the lightest serum/moisturizer and then finish with your heaviest. 

10. Keep your perfume out of the heat.

Exposing your pretty scents to overly warm temperatures can actually change the formulation, causing the fragrance to change completely. While many swear by keeping their perfumes in a fridge, room temperature actually works best.


To make your summer experience even better, be sure to try out our R U Searious, shimmery blue one step gel polish. 

 This sea-like color brings the beach right to your fingertips.


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