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How Jealousy Makes You Physically Ill

How Jealousy Makes You Physically Ill

Are you jelly


If you are, welcome to the club. It turns out that most of us are the jealous type. Can you blame us? In a world full of infidelity, social media braggity, it’s hard to imagine life without the agonizing yet satisfying tinge of jealousy.

While we’re aware of the mental ramifications of being green with envy, what about the physical repercussions? Are there any? What truly happens to the rest of you when your thoughts spiral into the bitter realm of wishing it was yours?

I’ll tell you..

According to scientists, when you’re jealous your body ignites a stress response called the fight or flight response. Your stress hormones kick in and your heart rate increases.


Your cheeks get warm and you can, if the jealous fit is strong enough, begin to sweat.

You also, according to Women's Health Magazine, cannot see obvious things in front of you. Being so green-eyed makes it difficult for you to focus on anything other than the object you’re so envious of.

It’s also quite possible, due to the stress hormone kicking in, to feel sick to your stomach.

That’s right, jealousy can make you sick to your stomach.



While it's an all natural reaction, it can have some serious consequences.

Because of this… stray away from the jealousy vibes. Instead, check out our newest shimmery, jelly shade, “ Don’t be Jelly.” 



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